Sacred Space

Summer Nights Sacred Space
Come and light a candle...
  • If you have something to celebrate
  • In memory of a loved one
  • For someone who is ill 
  • To bring to mind a troubled situation
  • or any other reason... it's up to you!

Enjoy the summer nights beach atmosphere

Lighting a candle is free. The local churches simply want to bring spirituality to you on the beach.

Sacred Space Quotes:

“thank you for being here on the beach, I don’t go to church”

“I’m not religious...but I found that really moving”

“I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me”

“this space couldn’t have come at a better time for me”

“today is a significant anniversary, this is special, thank you”

These quotes are just a tiny sample of the many encounters and conversations we have had over the last 4 years of Summer Nights Sacred Space on the Beach. Often people write names of loved ones, hopes and prayers in the sand by their lantern.

All ages seem to engage with this expression of God’s love in our seaside community and we have been moved by the touching stories of peoples lives, loves and losses. We have been blessed as we see God heal, bless, comfort and release people in this most beautiful church without walls.