Vision Days

Vision Day logo Vision days are places for the whole Christian community to discover more about fresh expressions of Church. Thousands of Christians have taken part in these days and have been envisioned and equipped to further develop their dreams. The last Vision Day in Scarborough was in September 2009.
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Mission Shaped Introduction Courses

Mission Shaped Intro course logo Changing minds, changing church. Six weeks to rediscover mission and re-imagine church. New world, new church? Our world and our lives have changed radically in the last twenty years, but has the church adapted to this change? Do we need a changed church for a changing world? Are new forms of church really possible? If so, how can they be developed?
The last MSI course was held in Scarborough in October 2009.  click here to find out more.

Alpha Courses

Alpha course logo Alpha courses are regularly held at Yorkshire Coast College and The Travel Lodge in Scarborough. Click here to learn more about Alpha

Spring Tide

Summer Soul
Scarborough North Bay

Led by young people from local churches to serve the local community and holiday makers on the beach with games, drama, and sharing the gospel message through fun activities.

St Mary's, Scarborough


We turned St. Mary's Church into an Adventure Labyrinth - the journey of the wise men. It was also an opportunity for shoppers and anyone passing to enjoy the sacred space and take time out from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Mince pies and hot drinks were provided for everyone who dropped in as well as a chance to talk. Some church folk came and enjoyed the labyrinth, and people who had no contact with church came for warmth and friendship during what can be a lonely and difficult time. We didn't want the peace to end!

These are some of the labyrinth stations that were placed around the church to help people reflect on the meaning of advent and Christmas and their place on the journey.
For more details about what's going on at St. Mary's contact the Parish Office on 01723 500541

Medieval Mayhem and Carol Singing
A telling of the Christmas story with a difference outside Woolworths, Scarborough.

St Martin's, Seamer- Crossgates project

Youth Group for age 11-15. Meets every Monday during school term time at Crossgates Community Centre 6.30pm-8pm The youth leaders are all CRB checked and are Christian's wanting to help build community in that area. The sessions include tuck shop, sports, games, craft, discussion. We also go on trips to laser quest and bowling and during the summer we venture out to the local field for a BBQ and games. 

St Thomas', Gristhorpe

This church is part of the Filey group of parishes and is in the rural village of Gristhorpe. It is a iron clad shack that came in a flat pack from Harrods 150 yrs ago!! but inside it is a hidden treasure and the church wanted the building to be used for the benefit of the community. In April 2009 the FE Team set up a Community Cinema in the church.

For more details about what is going on in the Filey parishes please contact the Filey Parish Office on 01723 512745

Taize is symbolic of the possibilities for peace and justice in a contemporary world. Twilight Taize is a candlelit invitation to contemplation, to inner peace. This experience will awaken your senses as you absorb the gentle atmosphere of centuries of prayer on this ancient site. Set in the beautifully gothic 12th Century St. Mary’s church; you are invited to a season of enrichment for the soul. Imagine the melodies of oboe and flute dancing through the air as voices combine and transport you to limitless possibilities.  Aromatic incense floats through the air and infuses with prayer chants sung in Latin and English.

Twilight Taize at Coastival Spring 2011: 

As people made their way to the 17th century gothic church; their trail was ablaze with a twilight tunnel of torches lighting the start of Taize. Through the ancient doors a candle was offered and a solo cello welcomed people to their seats. Already the atmosphere was infused with a spirit of anticipation as an oboe drifted up high into the air. The first cantor pierced the night and led a trail of voices along the west aisle echoed by another on the east. 

Scarborough’s Fresh Expressions team gathered an ecumenical feast of gifted singers, musicians, actors and technicians including Anglicans, Catholics, Quakers and Methodists to bring to life the journey of darkness to light. Quotations and wisdom from those who have walked this journey before; Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Theresa and a dramatic interpretation of the thief on the cross were all intertwined to bring messages of hope and transformation to all of us, whoever we are and whatever our experience has been. 

A heavenly wall of sound enveloped and invited all into the living presence of God’s love. Prayers for peace and healing were offered into the river representing God’s promise to hear and respond to our prayers.

Many of the 200 people stayed to enjoy refreshments and discuss their Tazie experience and the joyful request was that this be enjoyed as an annual event.