Hub Groups

 Part of the Fresh Expressions faith community, discovering together what it means to be disciples of Christ in the 21 st Century.

A space to explore contemporary issues and faith.
"My faith has grown since I've been a member due to learning from friends who are happy to share stories and life experiences"

Our mission emphasis is through the ministry of Fresh Expressions – many group members have come to, or been renewed in faith over the last 3 years and are now involved in many aspects of mission.

We have a variety of ways of connecting and meeting with God and each other – some social, some relevant to young adults 20s to 30s, some teaching and study. All these groups help us grow as people and disciples.

The Hub meets every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm

‘When people come together before their God and each other as an experience of community, we often find that the love and courage and truth which is released goes beyond the sum total of our human hopes. We commit ourselves in faith to affirming that we are forgiven or healed or given a new hope.’ (Dorothy McRae-Mahon).

Quotes from 'Hubbers' 
"It does what it says on the tin. Fresh Expressions is exactly what it does. A real fresh way of living with faith!"

"Hub helped me to discern two sets of footprints in the sand.  A virtual pilgrimage undertaken with friends.  Fed my mind and my soul.  Enlightening and engaging, a great way to make friends and be influenced by people!  If you have al a sense of fun and adventure this faith journey if for you!"

"The Hub is made up of a diverse group of warm supportive individuals where I feel I belong.  It is a great place for learning, sharing and being.  I love that creativity and tradition is brought together, for me it doesn't get better! Indoor sacred space"